Subwoofer Cable

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The subwoofer cable interconnect is the least demanding application in home theaters. While HD video demands cables able to carry high-bandwidth signals, at tight impedance tolerances, the subwoofer cable has the relatively easy job of carrying a very low-frequency, very low-bandwidth signal. But a subwoofer cable has a critical job to do, and needs to do it well: keep out hum. Hum can come from ground loops (cable won’t help you if that’s the case) or, often, from EMI (electro-magnetic interference). High-energy, low-frequency noise, like the 60-cycle hum from nearby power cords, fluorescent lights, and other miscellaneous sources, is the hardest type of interference to shield against, and the best defense here is a dense and highly-conductive braid shield. Our recommended subwoofer interconnect cables have not one, but two shields, and in our testing we’ve found this to be the best shield configuration, outperforming conventional single-braid and unbalanced twisted-pair cables when it comes to hum rejection.

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Subwoofer Cable

6 ft, 12 ft, 12 ft (CLON), 25 ft, 50 ft


• 22 AWG RG59 Cable
• Gold plated RCA connectors for long lasting corrosion free connections
• Pure copper center conductor
• High-density double shielding for max rejection of EMI and RFI
• High-quality coax wire with copper braid shield reduces unwanted noise and distortion

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