Premium Right Audio Cable (2 RCA – 2 RCA)

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These premium quality dual RCA cables feature thick RG59u, 75 ohm coax cables with 22AWG solid copper center conductor and heavy duty gold plated, corrosion resistant connectors. They are perfect replacements for the thin, generic interconnect that are typically thrown in when you by audio components.

Stereo audio cables are at the heart of every audio/video setup. Not only are they needed for hooking regular audio components to one another, but they’re also needed as an accompaniment to video-only cables like S-Video and Component.

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Right Audio Cable (2 RCA - 2 RCA)

6 Foot, 12 Foot, 25 Foot, 50 Foot


• High Grade Audio Cable with Oxygen Free Copper Wire
• 2 RCA Male to 2 RCA Male connectors
• Constructed with OFC (Oxygen Free Copper). OFC is the most commonly used conductor in quality interconnects and speaker cables. The fewer impurities in the conductor allow for performance that is far better than standard copper
• 95% copper braid shield for maximum reduction of EMI / RFI providing the cleanest sound possible
• 22AWG copper center conductors provide for superior signal quality
• RG59u, 75 ohm coax cables
• 24K gold plated corrosion resistant connectors for superior connectivity
• Constructed with lead free solder for superior conductivity

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