Digital Coax Cable

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Digital audio cables (or, as they’re often called, SPDIF cables) provide a handy way to route multi-channel audio from one device to another with minimal to no signal loss. The specs for a digital audio cable are the same as for a typical video cable: 75 ohm impedance, coaxial construction. A good impedance match, and wide bandwidth, help keep the digital square-wave signal from rounding off to a point where data loss occurs, so impedance consistency and wide bandwidth are important here, just as in video cabling.

This cable connect dvd players to audio receivers, Sattelite boxes and cable boxes to audio receivers, computer audio equipment, and any other equipment that supports Coax(S/Pdif) interface interconnect.

This cable allows jitter-free transfer of digital audio signals. The low-loss cable design includes pure copper center conductor and shielding to preserve signal strength and minimize noise. Gold-plated, RCA connectors and pins to give you solid, corrosion-free contact.

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Digital Coax Cables

6 ft, 12 ft, 25 ft, 50 ft


• 22 AWG RG59 Cable
• Gold plated RCA connectors for long lasting corrosion free connections
• Pure copper center conductor
• High-density double shielding for max rejection of EMI and RFI
• High-quality coax wire with copper braid shield reduces unwanted noise and distortion

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